The Vision At Grace

We believe that this world and everything in it exists for the glory of God. He is the creator of everything we see and feel, and it all exists to make him famous. We're here to make him famous. 

We exist to exalt God.

But the whole world has failed at this and turned against God in rebellion. We've incurred the wrath of God by taking what was rightfully his, namely our lives, and focusing them on ourselves in sin.

Graciously, God sent Jesus to live sinlessly, die in our place, and rise for our salvation. We receive the gift of forgiveness and an exchange of enmity with God for friendship by placing our trust in the finished work of Jesus.

The redemption purchased by Jesus makes it possible for us to exalt God again.

And at Grace, we do this work together in a community centered on the gospel. Everything we do is aimed at cultivating a people redeemed by Jesus Christ who make a difference in their world through biblical faith, eternal hope, and radical love.

We invite you to join us in covenant membership as we pursue the goal of making Jesus famous in Central Texas.