What We Value

Because our aim is to exalt God in gospel-centered community, we put all our efforts into making this vision happen. Everything you'll encounter at Grace is designed purposefully to fulfill at least one of the values listed below.

Celebrating God's Sovereignty

God rules over everything we seefrom galaxies to atomsfor his own glory and our joy. This is not only true of the physical world but of human souls as well. In the Bible, we find a picture of God ruling over the hearts of men in absolute sovereignty as he calls them to himself and keeps them for all eternity. It's God who ultimately determines to call us to himself and overcome our sinful rebellion so that we might be in right relationship with him again. And he will rule in this complete sovereignty for all time.

At Grace, we want to worship God for who he is.

Conforming to Biblical Truth

The God who reigns supreme over our hearts has spoken to us about who he is and who we are. The Bible tells the story of God's action in our world as he creates and redeems his people through the work of Jesus Christ. As we submit our lives and church to God's Word, we will find it shaping our affections and character as well as our actions and choices to make us more like the people God designed us to be before we rebelled against him in sin.

At Grace, we want our lives to display God's truth. 

Commitment to Spreading the Gospel

More than anything else, the world needs to hear the truth about who God is and what he requires of men in order to be saved. It's our privilege as believers to share the good news of God's work with those who do not yet know him. Whether it's in our homes, workplaces, or neighborhoods, we carry the hope of Jesus Christ with us each day and must commit to using our lives as a means of seeing others know him. 

At Grace, we want to see others find their joy in the gospel.