Community Groups

Why Community Groups?

Deep, authentic community is central to the life of our church. We intentionally make time in our lives to gather together outside of Sunday for prayer, encouragement, laughter, and study.

We call these gatherings Community Groups, and we invite you to find one to join. Young and old. Single and married. Believer or skeptic. All are welcome to find a place to belong at Grace.

FAQs About Community Groups

What will we do at a Community Group?
Our groups are centered around time to discuss the previous week's sermon (listen to it here), pray together, laugh with one another, and serve each other. They're relaxed atmospheres in the living room of families at our church. If you're unsure about church but would like to check out Grace, Community Groups are a great first step.

What do I do if I'm interested in one?
Once you find a Community Group you'd like to join, take a minute to contact the group leader either by phone or email to let them know you're coming. This will make sure you don't miss out on any special details or changes on a given week.

Can my kids join me?
At Grace, we like to keep families together whenever possible. Community Groups are the same. While each group will vary on age of children invited to join, all welcome families to learn together what it means to follow Jesus. You'll find more details on the individual group page.

Need Help Finding a Group?

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