Find a Place to Belong

At Grace, we want to see people connected to each other and growing in their faith together. To do this, we provide two types of groups: Community Groups and Bible Study Groups.

Community Groups

Everyone at Grace should be part of a Community Group. In these groups, you'll gather weekly with others in a home with others for prayer, encouragement, laughter, and study.

Everyone's invited. Young and old. Single and married. Believer or skeptic. All are welcome to find a place to belong at Grace.

Families are encouraged to attend Community Groups together. We love seeing children learn alongside their parents.

Bible Study Groups

In addition to Community Groups, we invite people to find a place to study the Scriptures and pray together. Our Bible study groups are designed to be places where you can learn more about a specific topic or book of the Bible.

These groups meet both on Sunday morning and at other times during the week. You'll find groups studying specific books of Scripture and theological topics or basic Christian disciplines.

Bible study groups are mainly for adults, but older children are always welcome to join with their parents.