Love God's Word in 2017

The Bible is a great treasure for us. It's the revelation of God's activity throughout human history. It tells us who he is and who we are. We'd be fools to neglect it.

One of the best things we can commit to this year is the regular reading of God's Word. Opening your Bible and reading it prayerfully each and every day may seem to some like a boring religious practice or to others like something to simple to do any real good. But in actuality, this discipline is one of God's primary means of grace in our lives that he uses to transform us into being more like his Son.

Here are a few Bible reading plans that we really enjoy and think you might find useful. Choose one of them, and join us in making 2017 a year where we love God more by loving his Word to us.

5 Day Bible Reading Program (semi-chronological, whole Bible in one year)

5x5x5 Bible Reading Plan (New Testament in one year)

Bible Project's Read Scripture Plan (whole Bible with videos)

DJ Book-at-a-Time Plan (whole Bible in one year)

M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (whole Bible in one year)